You should always make sure that you’re prepared for the journey that you’re about to undertake. These 4x4 driving tips will help you enjoy more of your Land Rover regardless of the situation you’re in.


An icy road or unexpected snowfall shouldn’t mean slipping, skidding and stalling. With good preparation, and basic knowledge of how the cold affects conditions, you’ll be able to travel safely and confidently in any weather.

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Think rugged descents and deep wading are for experts? Think again. With good preparation, Land Rover all‑terrain technology and a bit of practice, anyone can off‑road. A Land Rover 4x4 is capable of more than you could ever imagine. It can carry you through almost any off‑road environment.

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Wherever you roam, Land Rover makes your road trip fun, safe and hassle­ free. Make the most of your 4x4’s capability both on and off-­road with holiday driving tips.

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